"Faith is doing the right thing, and keeping on doing the right thing, even when the right thing is not happening to you."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ex-Con or Con Artist?

I noticed something rather peculiar two days ago while I was out with Jihan in town. I met someone who actually begged us to listen to his cries for donation of $2 for several pens that he was trying to sell to people. He claimed that he was an ex-convict and he is having difficulties in getting a proper job. He said that this is one of his ways to get some money.

Ironically, I was shown only a picture profile of himself and a pathetic paragraph of an explanation of his sufferings. Now, Jihan looked at me. For an instance, I am caught up to decide on whether shall we just give him our money or ignore him totally. Then, my senses came about and I realized that he did not have the yellow ribbon project tied to it. So we declined.
How can I even trust that man? I know, $2 dollars is just a miserable amount but I did not want to encourage corn artists to abuse the system either. We felt bad about it but without the yellow ribbon project tied to it, I will forever be cautious with these people.

The Yellow Ribbon Project is currently one of the best methods of encouraging ex-convicts to improve their lives and most importantly provide them with skills to find jobs in the future. Whatever it is, i will say my Kudos to the people who help make this project a meaningful one for them.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Back To What I Love Most!

Well, I am back to the same school life that I had done during my contract teaching experience last year again. I am currently posted to the same school for my Teaching Assistantship Programme for five weeks.

The feeling is absolutely amazing especially when I managed to meet up with my old mentors who had guided me in the past. The welcoming was too extravagant for me especially when the principle mentioned during the contact time that I am someone that most teachers here know very well before. There were a lot of cheering and clapping in the Lecture Theatre from the teachers when my name was mentioned. At that instant, I felt a sudden surge of awkwardness and shyness but was very proud to realize that this is the kind of career that I had wanted to seek for almost all my life.

Now why is that so? Of course, I am still a amateur when it comes to teaching in school. I am still learning to become a full-fledged teacher and it will take at least a year before I complete my course. The thing is when I reached my school yesterday for the first time when school reopened,I was reminded of the innocent faces of students once more. To be able to deliver your knowledge to students successfully is a complete satisfaction and success for me. In fact, sometimes, I can feel that I am being blessed everyday with this profession. That kind of feeling was never obtained during my years as a Network Engineer beforehand.

Just a few funny experiences I had just now. I was observing this class and was looking at their work when I notice some funny spelt words. Of course, they are still weak in their spelling as they are from the lower primary. Here they are, try figure out the real words - "consided, camouflush, predetors, depreff, chrisalis,metamofosis" Oh my!

I smiled but I couldn't help myself from pointing to those words to them and asked them to recheck their spelling again. Somehow, it tickled me to know that i am so eager to do this quickly but I cannot do much as I am under training or as I am known as a cadet teacher by my principle. My teaching methods are quite limited as compared during my contract teacher days.

Well, I was given an assignment to teach life cycle concepts next week to students. It will be fun. I am so enthusiastic about it already. Teaching is so fun! Trust me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Poor Customer Service

I had an interesting experience these past few weeks during my holidays. Of course, despite having a super long break from studying, I have decided to stay in Singapore instead of going on tour to other countries.

Being me of course, shopping is what I love to do sometimes especially when my piggy bank is full. To shop in the Great Singapore Sale is a must. Let me see, I bought two long sleeve shirts at Celio and TopMan, one short sleeve shirt at Gap, a couple of shorts and lots of tshirts at Isetan and countless other stuffs that I cannot even remember buying at which location.

It seems fun but I have always believed in Customer Service when I shop for something. For instance, if you happen to be in a shop and u found some items that you are currently interested in, you most probably look for the sales personnel and inquire more about the items before purchasing it. This is where I or rather all of us will expect to have from the Sales Person, to provide good customer service. Apparently not all Sales Personnel are capable of doing that.

I had this irritating experience two days ago at Far East Plaza, Singapore. I will not mention the shop name but it is located at second floor. I was browsing through some of the long sleeve shirts there with my classmates, Salleh and Fazlee, when the shop sales man, came along and touted me rigorously. He was saying that all the clothes there consists of many different sizes repeatedly and keep asking which shirt do I want to guess without even letting me choose. The best part was when he decided to inform me whether I was aware of the cost of the shirt. I looked at him with anger. What does he mean by that? I ask him how much does this shirt cost and he replied that it costs around $89. Appalled by the cost, I wanted to laugh at him. I thought that the shirts there are expensive and are costing around $200 per shirt. I was angered further when I realized that the Sales Personnel did not even ask other customers. Immediately, I realized that I have been a victim of discrimination again.
Now, was it my colour that let him think that I do not have money to buy clothes? Or was it my appearance in jeans and t shirt that let him think otherwise? I went out of the shop of course without buying anything. However, I left an impression in the shop by showing them my credit cards. For once, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Of course, this is the male version. :-)

Has the world gone insanely obsessive with money and materials? Do people respect others by looking at how they wear? Imagine if I was in my executive clothes, I am confident that I will not face such horrendous treatment. Or if I am of a different colour perhaps? Maybe I am making assumptions.

Whatever it is, if any shop sales personnel give me poor customer service in the near future, I will definitely walk away and not buy it at all although the items are very appealing to my eyes and I wanted it badly. Good Customer Service will win my spending in the near future. Too bad, some of them didnt realize that.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Summary Of Max Muchacho

I have to apologize for the long disappearance from blogging. It is not that I refuse to write anymore but I am really busy with my life. What could have been so interesting in my life that had made me ignore my blogging? Well, here it goes.

I was busy studying between March and April 2007. I have four examinations to prepare for and there was even a day whereby I had to take two exams. Not only that, the day before the two exams commenced, I had to rush to my best friend's wedding in Kuala Lumpur, more precisely in Sekinchang, Selangor. When the exam ended on 14th April 2007, I had such a great time distressing myself with Singapore's fun and entertainment nightlife and food. I frequent Movida, a club in ST James, many times that I am beginning to realize that my passion for Salsa and Merengue will never wither away when time passes by.

I did not go traveling to other country despite of the two months break that I am currently rejoicing my holidays by just relaxing and doing things to my heart's wishes. I only visited to Malaysia's Genting Highlands for a retreat with Frodo for a short time of casino gambling and food. Yes, Frodo and myself have settled our disputes before but that will be another day of blogging for me. After our short retreat, we went to another friend's wedding in Johore Bahru. Yeah, all went well, but there are some issues there whereby I will tell you one day by blogging it separately.

After that, I decided not to travel for the rest of my holiday. Well, its not to the fact that I had enough traveling but I just want to save up some money and try out something new in my homeland. I have never stopped ever since. For instance, Nazir, a new muchacho of mine, had been giving ideas to me on how to make your holiday's worthwhile. We tried cycling by the beach, watched all the latest movies, make plans with our other classmates to go karaoke, dining and shopping. Trust me, I did not feel bored at all.

Even till this day, I have something to do for the rest of the day. For example, later, I am going to do my routine gym exercising and I thought of going to Hard Rock Cafe for Kumar's comedy performances in the night. I have exactly 18 days left before my Teaching Assistantship program begins. Oh darn, two and a half months break sure fly fast with time.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Comments Of Immaturity

What do you say to people if they are not good looking? Moreover, what if someone who has a typical look according to his or her race? What if the person is fat? What if the person is uneducated? Do we have the right to comment and insult them?

A very subjective question but of course the moral values derived from answering these questions are most probably pointing to the word. " NO." Who likes to be insulted anyway? Some people are just too insensitive towards many people's feelings. I reckon these people are merely individuals who are just too confident with themselves and they are thinking too much of their own self that they fail to know that they are completely arrogant about it.

A simple gesture at saying to some people that they are stupid or fat or saying that you are too typical in your thinking as a race such as "too Malay or too Indian or too Chinese" are just abhorrent. Does it really matter? Now I have not even come to the part whereby looks of certain individuals are scrutinized for the sole purpose to think that these observers are better than the people they are zooming at. So what if the man is bald? So what if the lady has pimples? So what if the man has a tattoo on his body? So what if the man is haggardly dressed?

To me, if you are continuously commenting at others unnecessarily, you are just feeling insecure about themselves and perhaps currently having an unhappy life. In this modern world of democracy or so to speak, no one has the privileges to condemn or insult anyone as the fingers pointing back to himself or herself are far more detrimental to his or her character. I will always give a simple smile to these people. They are just pathetic and immature. A sad example of some people who just refuses to accept reality that there are other people better than them. I hope these people will realize their bad characters one day but in anyways, they will surely be exposed to others who will talk badly about themselves and the cycle goes on..Sigh...